Dream-World Systems

I became interested in the role of documentation as an artistic practice that explores different states of any creative process. What factors allow projects to take shape and adapt through different visions, ideas, and circumstances? How are artistic perspectives constantly imbued within our deepest and most human feelings? How are virtuality and digital communication shifting the way that we connect and engage as corporeal human beings? These questions are currently guiding my practice and prompting me to look and observe closely.

Thanks to the CCA Digital Grant obtained in 2020, I was able to develop the initial stage of this artistic digital documentation for the Monarques Project in which I have designed and implemented a unique virtual platform, where a series of interviews with different members of the Monarques Steering Committee is being displayed.

These curated series of testimonials and video conversations embedded in a dream-world digital space have become a digital exploration in which members of the Steering Committee develop their thoughts and ideas towards the project and the current world situation. Each member situates their worldview while inviting others to examine their perspectives on the world we live in, addressing the virtual technological demands that are presented daily and their imminent correlation with the project and its development. They share important and sincere statements about the Monarques process, the impact it has made in their lives and how virtuality has become a closer avenue for all of us to communicate amid covid-19.

Throughout these conversations, people have been able to reflect on the current pandemic and have made important connexions concerning how art and artistic practices have been a crucial mechanism to cope and heal during the current global health crisis.

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