Translation Calls Future

The future is human, colorful, vibrant, sustainable, diverse, inclusive, digital, global and is buildon different perspectives.

Translation is a movement that changes the position of an object, moving every point the samedistance in the same direction; by taking these points in space, rotating them, and thenmirroring them as if they rotate past a certain threshold, kaleidoscopic iterative shapes start toappear.

These iteration of shapes are part of what's know as Fractal Geometry, and has emerged asone of the most exciting frontiers on the border between mathematics and informationtechnology and can be seen in many of the swirling patterns produced by computer graphics.

In this project, curated photographic images are been processed through different algorithmsand computer software to create digital kaleidoscopic iterative figures and patterns. Bytranslating, overlapping, and interpolating photographs that seek to represent differentconcepts of an ecosystem in balance such as bodies, nature, architecture and culture, adiverse and constantly changing state of the future is been presented by an unpredictable andenjoyable mixture of patterns.

This kaleidoscopical vision allow us to reflect and observe the shape and color of differentelements in the world and becomes a metaphorical map of the future and the multiplecomplexities of things to come. 

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